it is important of

This entry was created in response to a student writing:

It is vitally important of making sure  that all

The re-usable link is and looks like this:

This shows not just make sure but also ensure, which in fact occurs more often in general and after important to (in BAWE at least). It also indicates that adverbs like vitally are quite unusual here. Since this concordance is rather limited in use (although make sure/ensure collocates with important to), it seems helpful to expand it to show other possible adjectives (though again important is the most common in BAWE) and following verbs. The re-usable link for this is and it looks like this:


it remains some drawbacks

This entry was created in response to a student writing this:

Although students’ language awareness would increase, the GT method remains some drawbacks

The first re-usable link is and it looks like this:

When describing problems that remain, it is relatively common to use still, as shown in this link