issues + verb

This link was created in response to a student writing

issues that teachers come across

‘Come across’ here seemed a bit informal. One potentially useful link is and looks like this:

One could argue that this isn’t exactly the same meaning as the original issue – if you want to keep the idea that a person / entity has a problem, then this link might be preferable, which looks like this:

Clearly, issue isn’t the only noun that occurs here; if one wanted to emphasise this, another possibility is to include a range of nouns with arise, as in this link, which looks like this:


remains a problem

This entry was created in response to a student writing this:

Although students’ language awareness would increase, the GT method remains some drawbacks

The first re-usable link is and it looks like this:

When describing problems that remain, it is relatively common to use still, as shown in this link