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Skiba (2016) describes that the term emoji is not a derivation from the English word ’emotion’.

The reusable link is https://ske.li/pointsout_that and it looks like this:


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Shulman (1989) quoted that teachers who were uncertain of their knowledge about grammar avoided teaching it. Their uncertainty also affected their style of instruction.

‘Quoted’ isn’t a possible verb here. It may help to provide a concordance of possible verbs such as the one at this link https://ske.li/verbed_that2, which looks a bit like this:


It is also possible to present quantitative information about typical verbs in this pattern in BAWE through this reusable link https://ske.li/verbed_thatfreq, which looks like this, and which could be used to encourage students to investigate further.


However, not all the verbs listed here fit the apparent meaning of the instance above; it’s hard to see how proposed would fit in here, for example. It might be better to present verbs that could actually be used here, as in the reusable link https://ske.li/found_that2, which looks like this:


An alternative way of presenting the lines would be by means of node form frequency summary, as in the reusable link https://ske.li/found_that2_nf, which looks like this:



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This entry was created in response to a student writing:

making sentences and write short essays after grammar teaching might be effective

The reusable link is https://ske.li/ing_and_ing and it looks like this: