Quicklinks for learners: checking word choices

You have written the following sentence but you feel that there is something wrong with it. 

The aim of this report was to do an accurate analysis of the situation.

The key issue here is the use of analysis. Is it normal to write  ‘do an accurate analysis’? This exercise will help you decide.

Task 1: Follow this link and you’ll see some examples of analysis taken from student assignments. Which words typically go before analysis? Is accurate one of them? 

Now go to the ‘Sort’ icon  shown  below and  click  on  it.  

Sort icon

You’ll see the screen shown below. Click on GO and see what happens. Which adjectives would be appropriate in the sentence above? 

Task 2:  Another question we might have is whether do is the most appropriate verb before analysis in academic writing. If you follow this link, you will see some of the verbs that go with analysis. Which one could you use to replace do in the example sentence and make it sound more academic?