Using Quicklinks on Turnitin: resources for teachers

This page (and its subpages) provides resources to help teachers use Quicklinks when they are providing feedback on assignments using Turnitin. The screencast below shows how this works. You might also find the slides from our latest talk helpful. We have an open access article out about the project as well.

We have created a set of Quicklinks addressing issues that we often seem to come across when marking student work. This set can be uploaded to Grademark, creating Turnitin QuickMarks which can be used to save time when these issues are encountered while marking. For introducing students to using Quicklinks we have created an exercise that teachers can assign. It is also possible to edit the set and add more links to them once you have uploaded it to Turnitin (find out how here).

Update: survey

We have created a survey to capture feedback regarding the Quicklinks Quickmarks set. We would be very grateful if you could provide some feedback, particularly if you have used the set (survey takes around 15 min to complete). Answers will be used to help improve the site and we will be presenting the results at the TALC conference in July.

Using Quicklinks in QuickMarks – quick guide

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