be evaluated by statistics

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The data from the questionnaires will then be evaluated by descriptive statistics to draw conclusions about…

By is not right here. The reusable link, which looks like this, shows through concordance lines what normally occurs:

You might want to show where by can be used to make this a bit clearer. Here is a link with evaluated which looks like this:

To show a wider range of verbs, this link can be used. It looks like this:

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comprising/comprised of

This link was created in response to a student writing

comprising of syntax and morphology

and another writing:

The unit comprises of seven activities

The first link is and looks like this:

It helps to be able to compare with instances where ‘of’ does follow this verb. Here’s a link to some instances:  It looks like this:

This is such a common issue that we’ve created a further link, which looks like this: