a spread phenomenon

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X is a spread phenomenon

The reusable link is https://ske.li/widespread_phenomenon and looks like this:


NB it may be worth pointing out that widespread itself appears somewhat more associated with negatively evaluated things; the reusable link which could be used to show this is https://ske.li/widespread_adj. It looks like this:


implicates the importance of

This link was created in response to a student writing

X implicates the importance of grammar teaching

The link is https://ske.li/highlight_imp_of and looks like this:

Another way of showing the usage of importance is by means of a ‘word sketch’, which shows words most associated with particular grammatical relations. A link that we have created with relation to this is https://ske.li/importance_wsk2, showing the verbs and adjectives most associated with importance in this sort of structure:


Of course, importance is not the only ‘importance’ noun occurring with these verbs (stress, highlight, emphasise/ze) – if you wanted to show some other nouns (importance still predominates), you could use this link https://ske.li/stress_role, which looks a bit like this:

it is important of

This entry was created in response to a student writing:

It is vitally important of making sure  that all

In fact, ensure is a stronger collocate here than make sure. The re-usable link is https://ske.li/ikg and looks like this:


Since this concordance is rather limited in use (although make sure/ensure collocates with important to), it seems helpful to expand it to show other possible verbs (though again important is the most common in BAWE) and following verbs. The re-usable link for this is https://ske.li/ikj and it looks like this:


Another, shorter, link is https://ske.li/itisimportant. It looks like this: