BAAL CL SIG Event: Core Corpus Skills for Academic Purposes Event

There is little or no mention of corpora in much of the guidance for EAP teacher and learner training. For example, neither BALEAP’s TEAP Accreditation Scheme Handbook (2014) or Competency Framework for Teachers of EAP (2008) make explicit reference to corpora or corpus linguistic approaches, and BALEAP’s Can Do Framework for EAP Syllabus Design and Assessment (2013) treats corpora as text repositories only. Such omissions are surprising because corpus-based work can greatly inform our understanding of discourse, particularly in terms of disciplinary difference.

The aim of this one-day event, held on January 14 2021, was to discuss the role corpora play in EAP teaching (morning session), and to plug the current gap in documentation relating to core corpus skills for academic purposes (afternoon session). The full details with slides and recordings of some very interesting talks can be found here: