take responsibility vs be responsible

This link was created in response to a student writing this:

several pausing gaps might take responsibility here for why we still considered her speech as accented

The reusable link is https://ske.li/lrl and it looks like this:

Since this isn’t an obvious one, it might be helpful to be able to contrast with instances of take responsibility – here’s another link – https://ske.li/take_responsibility – which clearly shows that it is people that take responsibility:


takes an important place in

This link was created in response to a student writing

grammar takes an important place in language learning

The link showing the use of important place is https://ske.li/important_place and looks like this:

This usage is far rarer than play an important role, however; the link for important role is https://ske.li/important_n and looks like this:

We could include part as well as role in the lines, as here https://ske.li/partrole:

Or if you wanted to show other adjectives that occur in this phrase, this link to a frequency list (play/have a/an Adj role/part) could be useful https://ske.li/play_adj_role. It looks like this: